Burn Tabata

Complete as many reps in 20 seconds for each exercise below. Take 10 second breaks between each one. Repeat the whole set for 8 rounds.

Pike Jumps

Start in push up position. While your legs are straight, hop your feet as close to your hands as you can, and hop back to the original position.

Break Dancers

Start in push-up position, keeping your legs straight, kick one foot out to frame the outside of your hand, alternate and repeat.

Plank Jacks

Start in a front plank position, keeping your hips level, jump your feet wider than shoulder width apart, then back.

Heel Touches

Lay flat on your back, knees bent, feet flat on the floor. Lift your entire back off the ground, rotate your hips, touching your heels, left to right.

Double Burpee Sprawls

Hands down, kick your feet out, kick your feet in, kick your feet back, then stand up.

Knee to Elbows

In a push-up position, bring your right knee to your right elbow. Reset, then alternate sides.

Russian Twists

Lift your back and legs in a sitting position. Clasp your fingers and alternate touching your hips side to side.

Sit-up Double Punches

Sit all the way up, keep your hands by your face, then punch with your left and right hand.